Every summer i pack my bags and I go on a sailing vacation. This year, my sailing journey has taken me all the way to the island of Hvar in Croatia. The island of Hvar is situated on the Adriatic Sea and off the Dalmatia coast.  

I have chosen the island of Hvar, because I wanted to spend my summer in a destination that offers a wild nightlife. I wanted to stay out and party all night long, especially because earlier this year I got dumped by my girlfriend.

Last couple of summers, my girlfriend and I had spent sailing to more quiet and more romantic destinations. I didn’t want to stop sailing just because we were no longer together, but I also wanted to experience a more adventures vacation.

The island of Hvar was perfect for me. I anchored in an ACI marina, situated in an old resort Palmižana, and from there I reached the island of Hvar by a ferry.

I had stayed in the town of Hvar, which has the largest population of tourist of all the towns on the island, and it has the richest nightlife in this part of the Adriatic.

During day time, I was spending my time relaxing on a beach and walking through the town hoping to spot some of the celebrities from either a movie or music world, because before I came to Hvar, I had read that many famous people love to spend their holidays in this Adriatic town.

When the night came, it was time for me to hit the clubs. It was time for me to dance, to party and to have a time of my life. Some of the people I had meet earlier that day, had told me that the best club in town is called Carpe Diem. Naturally, I went there, and it was awesome. Loud music, beautiful girls, cold drinks, in other words, all that I had previously heard about that club was true. What makes Hvars nightlife special is that it has other great clubs besides Carpe Diem. Clubs like Carpe Diem beach, Kiwi bar and Hula Hula, and I was a regular guest in all of them.

This years sailing experience, to the island of Hvar, turned out to be exactly what I needed. My whole vacation had passed and I didn’t stopped to think about my ex-girlfriend, not even once.